Photographer Alisa Conan photographs the wonderful Miranda Hart for her debut one woman show ‘My,What i call a live show”. From http://angeliandco.com/

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth photographed for You Were Never Lovelier, 1942.


Anders als die Anderm, a.k.a. Different from the Others, 1919.

"Love for one’s own sex can be just as pure and noble as that for the opposite sex… Only ignorance and bigotry can condemn those who feel differently."

"…As much as some critics and audiences took to the film, others found it indecent, unwatchable. There were catcalls at some screenings; at others, riots and walkouts. It wasn’t just that the two romantic leads were men. The film also had the audacity to claim that homophobia, not homosexuality, was a scourge of society. The following year, censors banned “Different From the Others” throughout Germany, claiming that the film could endanger public safety or turn impressionable youths gay. When the Nazis came to power, they destroyed every copy they could find. In doing so, what many consider the world’s first feature film to showcase sympathetic gay characters and themes was lost…Every trace of the film might still be lost today if not for a gay rights advocate (before they were called that), Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, who both appeared in the film as himself and was the film’s co-writer and resident sexologist. In 1927, Hirschfeld yanked 40 minutes of footage from the original film, scrambled the order of scenes and inserted them into his own feature, “Gesetze der Liebe” (“Laws of Love”)."

“The view of the film is at least 50 years ahead of its time,” the archive’s director, Jan-Christopher Horak, said in his office at the university. “It takes the view that homosexuality isn’t a sickness or a pathology, it’s in fact just another expression of human sexuality. It’s the kind of enlightened theory that you wouldn’t see in this country probably until the ’70s or ’80s.”


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Frank Lloyd Wright, Frederick C. Robie House, Chicago, Illinois, 1908-1910

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Taliesin Tuesday!

Marilyn Monroe at the East of Eden premiere, 1955.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1958

Plum Sykes photographed by Jonathan Becker, Vogue, January 2006

Katharine Hepburn on the set of Bringing Up Baby (1938)

How to train your Dragon 2

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